Lemon Water = No Pills !!!

One lemon contains up to 64% daily need of vitamin C , terpenes and polyphenols so we daily need at least one cup of water and lemon juice.The best is to consume it in the mornings .

To make this:first boil the water, let it cool a bit and simply squeeze the lemon .


Drink it warmer before breakfast to start the day with an abundance of vitamins B and C, phosphorus, antioxidants, volatile oils, protein, carbs, flavonoids and potassium. The juice boosts immunity and he will successfully fight any infection.

This way you will improve the digestion , fight cravings, lose weight, and be more alkaline to level the pH and acidity.

The benefits of warm lemon water:

Gerd – soothes GERD gastrointestinal reflux disease.
Hard finger nails – nails will become er and less fragile, it will clear nail white spots and stains.
Food poisoning – prevent food poisonings when you travel.

Flushed kidney stones – it raises citrate levels in urine and stops oxalates.
Boosted immunity – improve lymph health and remove pathogens.
Gallbladder pains – remove gallstones and pain.

No acne – also wash the face with lemon and water.
Less cravings – regulate blood sugar and make the weight regulated .

Cold and flu – skill viruses and bacteria.
For fibromyalgia – mix lemon water and yoga all the time .
No soreness in muscles after workout – after workouts have lemon water.

Less joint pain and swelling – lowers uric acid in joints, stops pain and swelling and gout.
Less alcohol craving – avoid lots of alcohol and headaches.
Colitis – balance the pH in the blood.


Live healthy and plain live …