How To Plant A Lemon Tree In A Simple Cup?!


Growing lemons from seed can be very easy and done in the comfort of your own home. From planting the seed, it will take about 3-4 years to pick up your first fruit.

And even more interesting is growing the lemon tree in a cup!

All you need is soil and seeds.

1. Choose the largest seeds of lemon or grapefruit. Clean them from their outer skins.

2. Pour it with water and leave it like that for 6-7 days, change the water every day.

3. While soaking, the seeds should be covered with gelatin sheet, this is normal.

4. Put a few stones in the bottom of the cup to create drainage, after that fill the cup with moist soil.
The seeds are put in the ground with pointed ends to the bottom, and leave about 5mm space between them.

5. Spray the surface with water every 2-3 days in order to foster the growth. In about 7-8 days you should see the first stalks.


6. After 3-5 months, when the seedlings are grown, you should choose the most beautiful and the est ones, and transplant them into individual pots on a larger diameter.
The composition of the soil should remain the same.

Do not expect from the trees to grow fruit if you do not graft it, but with good care it can become a very beautiful and luxurious house plant.

In the summer, water it regularly since it loves cold showers. Fertilize it with nutrient citrus and it would be preferable if you put it on fresh air.


Live healthy and plain live …