10 Minute Morning Workout


Simple 10 minute quick morning workout to get your blood pumping  in the morning. It is not hard to do, and can’t even really be classified as a workout, but I thought I’d share them for those who find it really hard to get themselves moving in the morning.

I am not promising that you will get in shape or suddenly become a healthier you. No, instead you will just be able to get your body worked up and be able to start your day off on a successful.

10 minute morning workout at Home :

10 minute morning workout


So you will do a total of 30 Squats, 50 Jumping Jacks, 50 calf raises, 20 Sit ups, and 10 Burpees. Not too hard at all. Like I said, it only takes about 10 minutes to finish, and it allows you to get your body moving in the morning.

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I always feel better when I workout (even a little), so this routine really helps me. You do not have to work too difficult, but you are able to start your day on a positive note. Now you do not have to go through your quick morning workout like you are one of the risen dead.

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